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Social work degrees are flexible and transferable to many practice settings, offering you the chance to make a difference for more people in more places. Pursuing your MSW online from Regis opens up specialties that require advanced knowledge beyond what a BSW provides.

Social work is a regulated profession requiring state licensure*. Regis’ online MSW degree can prepare you to sit for your Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) exam from the Association of Social Work Boards.

Some states also offer a Licensed Master Social Worker-Advanced Generalist (LMSW-AG) exam for MSW graduates with hands-on experience. To qualify as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), however, you will need supervised clinical experience and additional exams. LCSW is the highest credential a social worker can achieve.


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Hear what our students are saying:


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“I choose to do my MSW because my personal path and attributes align closely with social work…With my profession as a social worker I can live a purpose-driven-life and fight for social justice. If you are compassionate and resilient with a passion for helping others and improving society, an MSW is the right path for you. In this profession you will make a difference in people’s lives and impact them in many different ways. It doesn’t get more rewarding than that!

I could not be more thankful for the amazing Regis faculty in the online MSW program…They are always willing to help and go the extra mile to ensure I am getting the most out of my education. In every way they have assisted in my growth as a scholar and overall person.”

– Lesley Ayala, online MSW student


online MSW student Jennifer“I currently work as a social worker in municipal government. Not only do I find that I apply my learnings to my work, but I am also able to apply my work to my learnings. I am often able to weave real-life work scenarios into discussion board posts, receiving feedback from fellow students and faculty. The support is invaluable to me.

It’s the faculty that makes the difference at Regis! One particular perk I’ve found is how willing faculty is to allow me to push some of my learning beyond the structured coursework. Anytime I’ve asked to incorporate something new or different into an assignment, I get the response, ‘Go for it!'”

– Jen Melanson, online MSW student


MSW student Yedjhana head shot“I choose to do my MSW because I want to advance my career in the Social work field. As a new student to the program I want to let prospects students know that the professors and academic support team here at Regis are ready to help. They take into consideration real life every day concerns and sincerely try to accommodate us to excel in the program… So far as a new student and recently a new Mom the faculty team have been very understanding. They make it easy for you to contact them with any concerns and provide their students with the support that are needed.”

– Yedjhana Labady, online MSW student


“I currently work in social services. This program has provided valuable insight of the clients I assist. Having an understanding of the challenges minority groups face has changed my whole perspective on how I interact with people.

I chose to pursue an MSW so that I can stop complaining about the systemic problems that prevent certain groups from progressing and do something about it. I believe this program will provide the foundation for me to become a fierce advocate of social change!”

– Cheryl Knowles, online MSW Student


“I chose to pursue my MSW because I would like to further my career in the social work field…when I began my career my credentials were sufficient. However, with the constant changes in our government and with Medicare becoming more strict I felt it was time to ensure that my education was adequate to continue in my current career.”

– Anne MacNeal, online MSW Student


*Because each state has its own regulations and requirements that are always evolving, it is critical to contact your state’s licensing board for current information on licensure.