Online Master of Public Health
Student Outcomes

Public health is a diverse discipline in which you can add significant value to the lives of others. It offers opportunities to focus your interests on:

  • Investigating health trends
  • Combating epidemics and disease
  • Creating health policy at the local, state, or national level
  • Managing care delivery for various populations
  • Helping individuals achieve better health and wellness



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Hear what our students are saying:


“I work for the Dept of Public Health and [chose to do my MPH because] I would like to participate more in the investigation piece of communicable diseases and have more responsibilities…I have been able to apply social determinants of health and its impact on some of my work, and why it is important to pay attention to its impact. I have recognized certain patterns in environment, location, race, ethnicity, and other determinants at work while training lab results we receive from all health institutions across the state”

– Sarah Ryan, online MPH Student


“I would definitely recommend this program to someone seeking an MPH. I find it very doable with my full-time profession which is important to me. I wanted to pursue higher education while maintaining a job and I have been able to do so successfully… I received my undergraduate degree in Health Management and Policy and I wanted to move towards something more clinical.”

 – Caitlyn O’Halloran, online MPH student


“I would definitely recommend someone who is seeking their MPH to do the online [program]. The time commitment is doable if you work a full or part-time job. Additionally, the program gets you thinking about your local community. It is definitely an affordable and practical way for health professionals to attain a masters degree.”

– Maria Krull, online MPH student